Stamp duty calculator

This calculator gives you an estimation of the government fees, such as Stamp Duty, you may need to pay when buying a property in your state or territory. Simply answer a few questions about the type of property you're buying and you'll get an idea of how much extra you'll need to budget for. Please be aware, you may need to pay the full amount for government fees before you settle your loan. If you do, the concession entitlements on the Duty amount will be rebated after settlement, following assessment by the applicable Office of State Revenue. Check out the icon to see how we have arrived at these amounts.

This calculator is designed as an educational tool and outputs are based on the accuracy of the information you provide. Stamp duty calculations do not include, mortgage registration fees or land transfer fees. The Stamp Duty Calculator calculates transfer duty for properties with an existing dwelling. Different rates of duty and fees may apply for vacant land and you should contact the Office of State Revenue in your state or territory for the correct rates.